We print and design.

We keep our old customers and make new ones through our quality.


In Vizartis, a possibility for error is reduced to a minimum.
In order to get an impeccable finished product, entrust our experts to take care about its making right from the start.
Preparation of files can be complicated, but for us it’s routine. As others worry, Vizartis believes in our associates’ expertise.
If you want to prepare your files by your own, please read the instructions we have prepared in order to facilitate and accelerate the printing process. Because Vizartis saves you time and money.


We tell stories with colours.

Colours are our language. We communicate using offset printing, the highest quality printing. Owing to state-of-the-art machines of the CIP3 generation, the production process has become automated and significantly accelerated. Printing is performed on the expanded B2 format with the maximum speed of 15,000 prints/hour, on standard or special paper.


We put ideas onto paper.

We create visual designs and prepare files for printing. If you wish a genuine design for a product, printed on a special high-quality paper, finished under some of our special graphic finishing processes, make an appointment to meet with our team and come and let us put your idea into effect.

3D model designing

We create, we are copied.

There are no barriers for the Vizartis’ graphic print studio. Wrapping and display designing is a special category in our company owing to which we dominate the market when advertising is in question. Wrapping is characterised with functionality, technical precision, and the best utilisation of material from which it is made.

Wrapping is designed using a special Impact programme, which is compatible with the proof sheet production High Speed Plotter Prodiga 0813 System, cutting and cutter bending machines, and a laser plywood cutting device, which is later used for the process of punching.