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29. novembra 1i, 11460 Beograd - Barajevo

44.643823, 20.4280352


Director of the Commercial and Financial Department:
Aleksandar Živković
Director of the Production and Technology Department:
Vladimir Živković

Business Secretary:

Ivana Lazarević,

Production and Dispatch:

Contact person:
Bojan Jovanović,
29. novembra 1i, 11460 Belgrade - Barajevo, 44.643823, 20.428035
Tel. 011/ 23 60 040, 23 60 041
Fax/Tel. 011/ 78 58 388
The phone exchange (Production and Dispatch) operates
on working days and on Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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Slobodan Lazarević,
Jovan Španović,

Wrapping design:

Mirjana Adžić,
Jovan Španović,


Finance – Accounting:
Jelena Veselić,
Elvira Stefanović,

Technical Support:

Dragan Adžić,
Marko Vasić,

Technical Support is assigned with provision of advice to designers concerning preparation, and the main task is final control of files prior to entering into print. If you answer the assigned forms for file delivery and make control of the contents prior to their sending to the printing house , you will have more time for final control of files before their entering into print, which guarantees minimum possibilities for error.

We are expecting your questions and visit of our Technical Support Department for any technical clarifications.


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